Program Design

Schools, ADHD Coaches, ADHD Specialists, ADHD Companies, ADHD Agencies, and more: I will collaborate with you on your ADHD related educational, learning, counseling, group, coaching, etc. projects. 

I will work with you and/or your production team to create engaging educational experiences, especially for children, teens, parents, and families.  I will help you to create compelling, engaging, and effective learning content related to child development, parenting, and mental, emotional and behavioral health.

The Process May Include:

  • Identifying and analyzing you audience
  • Defining learning objectives and outcomes
  • Conducting research
  • Interviewing and working with subject matter experts
  • Creating learning strategy
  • Developing learning content
  • Writing content
  • Writing curriculum and lesson plans
  • Designing assessments
  • Writing learning materials and resources
  • Collaborating with your team

I have a background in writing, school psychology, education, child development, book and game authoring, educational materials creation, and product design.  I have a Master of Arts degree in School Psychology, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, and also studied Journalism. 

Contact me today to discuss your ADHD learning program design needs:

Lori Granieri, M.A.

(805) 746-5933