I write for companies and organizations in the education, mental health, and wellness industries that have a need for valuable content that is well-researched and created by someone who is not only a seasoned writer, but who is also well-versed in your subject matter.

Topics include mental health, behavioral health, parenting, child development, psychology, education, wellness, self-development, special education, ADHD, and more.

Formats include: articles, website content, emails, product materials, packaging materials, newsletters, informational and educational products and materials, and more.

I am a highly experienced writer, with a background in journalism, copywriting, content development, book authorship, education writing, creative writing, and more.  I’m also a school psychologist, ADHD coach, consultant, and educational and children’s social skills and mental health materials and product creator, and am well-versed on child development, education, psychology, mental health, behavioral health, wellness, and other related topics.

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