Customized Content Writing Project



I will create a customized content writing package for you, based on your needs.  Customized packages can feature one-time or ongoing projects, or anything in between.  Items may include a variety of informational and educational content, such as owner's manuals, user manuals, informational booklets, newsletters, pamphlets, brochures, website content and more.  

Your content package may include any of the following:

  • Manuals: informative, educational, instructional, etc.
  • Newsletters
  • Pamphlets, booklets, brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Website content
  • Product descriptions
  • Product materials
  • Packaging materials
  • Workbooks
  • More

If you are interested in a customized content package, add this to your cart, check out (at no cost) and you will receive the digital download/printable intake form.  Fill out the form and email it back to Lori at

You will receive a proposal based on your content needs, and a link to order your project.

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