Customized Materials

Customized Materials and Content Creation

I create informational content for schools and children's mental health professionals to provide to parents on behalf of their children.  This content is an extension of educators’ and practitioners’ services.  Its purpose is to inform parents and to supplement the institution’s or practice’s services.  It is to answer questions parents may have regarding their child, an eligibility or diagnosis, what to expect, what to do next, where to find additional resources, and so on. 

Oftentimes, school personnel and professionals are too busy to follow up personally with every parent.  My services allow them to do this.

All content is well-researched, well-written, helpful, informative, and directly related to the institution’s or practitioner’s discipline and the needs of particular children they serve.

As a school psychologist, I am well-versed in topics related to education and children’s mental health.  I continue to stay current on the research and developments in the field.  I also have an extensive writing background, from being a journalist to a copywriter and PR consultant to book author and more.

 I offer content creation services to schools and professionals who work with and for kids.  These services combine my background in writing and school psychology and a passion for empowering parents to help their children succeed,

Rather than being promotional in nature, this content is useful and helpful, and supplements your service offerings.  Its purpose is to inform and educate.

I create the messages and content for you to share with your clients and community.  These messages are relevant, research-based, specific, well-timed, and personalized to the particular client

I can also deliver your content in the form of print or online newsletters, emails, or other materials. 

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