School Psychology Services

I provide School Psychology counseling services to schools and school districts in California.  Schools are in need of additional mental health support, beyond what their staff can accommodate.  Using a secure HIPAA-compliant teletherapy platform, I will provide much-needed counseling services.

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ADHD Coaching

I work one-on-one with individuals (teens and adults) with ADHD to help them understand and manage their ADHD symptoms, get organized, stay on track, find and use their strengths, and be more productive. 

I offer several options, including one-time and bundled sessions, as well as various targeted packages. 

For ADHD Email Coaching / Asynchronous Coaching, see here.

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I work with schools, educational companies and organizations, and mental health and wellness related businesses to create programs, materials, and resources.  I can also work with your students as a remote School Psychologist (providing counseling) or as an ADHD, Executive Function, or Learning Coach.  I can also create programs related to Mental Health, Wellness, SEL, and more.

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 Contact me to discuss your coaching, consulting, or program design needs at or (805) 225-3417.