I provide writing services (content writing, copywriting, and grant writing) as well as learning design services.  Here’s a brief description of each:

Content Writing

Content Writing creates engagement.  It informs, educates, entertains, explains, instructs, inspires, or transforms.  Content writing can include a wide variety of forms. 

The kinds of content writing I provide include:

  • Blog Writing – long-form, well-researched, packed with educational value
  • Newsletter Writing – useful content that resonates with and provides value to your audience
  • Technical Writing – content that explains, clarifies and instructs, such as instructions, user manuals, how-to guides, product explainers, app content, and white papers
  • Website Content –informational, educational, entertaining website content, including About pages, Bios, Product and Service Information, Case Studies, FAQ pages, etc.
  • Educational Content – curriculum, lessons, lesson plans, learning materials, presentations, workshop materials, and more
  • Other Long-form Content – such as training materials, tutorials, round-up reviews, annual reports, eBooks


Copywriting is a sub-variety of content writing; however, the difference is that copywriting persuades, sells, and influences someone to take a particular action. 

The kinds of copywriting I provide include:

  • Marketing Materials – brochures, sell sheets, pitch decks
  • Public Relations Materials – press releases and related materials

Grant Writing

Grant Writing can technically be considered a type of copywriting and/or technical writing, but I’ve included it in its own category because it’s so specialized.  Grant writing involves finding grants for organizations to apply for, and then completing proposals for them to submit for grant funding.  I research grants, creating a funding strategy, and write and submit proposals for organizations and institutions.  More grant writing information is coming soon.

Learning Design

Moving beyond writing content, I also conceptualize, plan and create educational programs, products, and resources for you to use with your clientele (customers, clients, patients, students, etc.).  This includes educational programs for schools and companies, learning material bundles and packages, workbooks, educational games, and more.

I offer fully customized, semi-customized/curated, and ready-made options.

How to Work with Me

You can call or email me (Lori Granieri) to discuss your project at (805) 746-5933 or or fill out the contact form here.

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