Enrichment Source offers several ready-to-use, instant downloadable, printable resources for adults (and older teens) interested in self-improvement, wellness, organization, and positive changes. You'll find resources related to inspiration and ideas for life changes, career changes, entrepreneurship, guided visualization, adult ADHD, etc., in the form of journals, workbooks, planners, tip sheets and more.

Are you seeking some sort of life change?

Adult Life Change Planner

Guided Visualization

Talents, Strengths, Success Workbook, Guide, Planner

Thinking about a career change?

Career Change Planner for Adults

Are you an entrepreneur or are you thinking of starting a business?

Business Planning Workbook

Are you an adult with ADHD?

Adult ADHD Life Planner

Adulting with ADHD

ADHD Adult Series: ADHD and You

ADHD Adult Series: Research on Successful Adults

ADHD Adult Series: Talents & Strengths

ADHD Adult Series: Complete Bundle of all Three

All ADHD resources

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