Mental Health Professionals

Therapists, Counselors, Psychologists, Clinicians, Case Managers, Coaches

Enrichment Source offers valuable ready-to-use, instantly downloadable, printable materials (informational materials, patient/client educational materials, worksheets, workbooks, flash cards, games, and more) for you to use with your clients, patients, students, etc., in individual and/or group therapy or counseling sessions.

These materials make a great supplement to your services.

I can also create curated and customized packages/bundles based on your needs, such as informational and educational materials (manuals, brochures, pamphlets, leaflets, newsletters, etc.) for you to give your clients/patients. 

Contact Lori Granieri at Enrichment Source for more information on customized products.

Meanwhile, here are ready-to-use, instant downloads that can be helpful in your practice.  Many of these fit more than one topic category:

Mental Health:

Anxiety & Worry Workbook

Coping Skills & Resilience Workbook for Kids & Teens

Coping Skills Cards

Daily Feelings Tracker

Feelings Worksheets

Gratitude Workbook

Mental Health Wellness Check-In

Mental Health Workbook for Kids and Teens

Self-Awareness Flash Cards

Self-Awareness Workbook

Social-Emotional Learning Worksheet Bundle

Student Encouragement Cards

I'm So Angry: Anger Management Story, Lesson, Activity for Young Children (preschool through early elementary school)

Dealing with Anger: Anger Management Workbook & Info for Older Kids, Teens, & Adults

Social Skills:

Counseling & Social Skills Flash Cards Bundle

Friendship Skills Workbook

Manners Flash Cards Bundle

Manners Workbook

Manners Flash Cards and Workbook Mega Bundle

Social Skills Flash Cards

Social Skills Lesson Plan Bundle

Life Skills:

Accomplishment Worksheets (Goal Setting)

Career Exploration Printable Dice

Creative Writing/Thinking Workbook

On My Way (to Adult Life) Game

Organize It! Game

Positivity Flash Cards

Positivity Workbook, Journal, Planner

Problem Solving Flash Cards

Problem Solving Workbook

Solution Surfers: Problem Solving Game

Talents and Strengths Finder Packet

Work Skills Flash Cards


ADHD Successful Student Pack

ADHD Planner and Organizer (Kids & Teens)

ADHD Informational Resource Packet

ADHD Complete Bundle – Planner/Organizer & Info Packet

Parent Guide to Child’s ADHD

ADHD Stay Focused, Encouragement Cards 

Adults with ADHD:

Adult ADHD Life Planner

Adulting with ADHD

ADHD Adult Series: ADHD and You

ADHD Adult Series: Research on Successful Adults

ADHD Adult Series: Talents & Strengths

ADHD Adult Series: Complete Bundle of all Three

All ADHD resources

Contact Lori Granieri, M.A., Enrichment Source with any questions and/or to curate an assortment of resources for you, and/or for customized options:

(805) 746-5933

Also, view all printable materials here.