School Psychology Services Details

Contract School Psychology Services for Schools

I’m Lori Granieri, M.A., PPS, ADHD-CE, a School Psychologist with more than 13 years’ experience in the field.  I offer School Psychology Counseling Services to schools in California.

As an Independent Contractor School Psychologist, I offer remote/virtual counseling services for schools in California.  I serve as an extension of your School Psychologist team by taking on overflow of student counseling. 

Currently, I’m only working with schools throughout California (as I have a California PPS credential).  I work remotely (via a secure online teletherapy platform).  I can also arrange for in-person counseling sessions at schools in Ventura County.  Please contact me to discuss this.

What’s Involved:

  • Your school determines the needs of students who need individualized (and/or group) counseling services.
  • Your school provides a liaison for me to interact with for scheduling and communication.
  • An appropriate contact from your school provides me with the information I need to administer counseling services for students (including IEPs, goals, statements of need, counseling needs assessment results, etc.). This person will likely be a resource specialist/case manager, school psychologist, or other special education staff member.
  • Your school provides a quiet, private space with a computer for the student to receive counseling, and a helper (such as a teacher, paraeducator, or other staff member) to set the student up on the school’s end.
  • I provide counseling services to your identified students with counseling needs (including IEP services) via a safe, secure online platform.
  • I will also provide counseling progress notes and write-ups for assessment reports, attend IEP and other needed meetings (virtually), interact with involved parties at your school/district, and perform other related duties as agreed upon.

I can provide you with: my background information; proof of my liability insurance; recent TB screening; recent LiveScan; resume, credential, and references.

What you (your schools) need:

  • A computer with a webcam (and a headset or a private, quite space), and a high-speed internet connection
  • Someone at the school to act as a liaison/facilitator, to set the student up on the computer and make sure the student attends sessions. This can be a teacher, aide, paraprofessional, or other school staff member.

How to Get Started:

Contact me at (805) 225-3417 or or

We can discuss your school/district’s counseling needs, and I will provide you with more details.

Process Overview

Meeting with Special Education Representative

I will meet with your designated Special Education Representative to discuss your school/district’s counseling needs, protocols, and procedures.  I will create a plan based on this. 

Service Agreement

I will send you the plan and service agreement, which will describe the services to be provided.  Once your school/district signs the agreement, I will begin providing services (based on the plan).  I will send you monthly invoices for my service (based on the time involved in providing services). 

Scheduling Counseling Sessions

I will work with you/your team to determine how many students will receive services.  I will work with a representative from each school with students requiring services to schedule days and times for sessions.  I will follow IEPs and counseling directives provided to me by the school/district. 

Counseling Services Consent

Your school will obtain parents’ consent for counseling services, and provide me with a copy of that consent.  I will provide you with these forms (or you may use your own).

Additional Information

I will provide the school’s main contact (case manager, school psychologist, or other designated staff member) with counseling progress notes on a pre-determined basis (such as quarterly, etc.).  I will attend (virtually) IEP meetings, parent meetings, and other needed meetings.  I will also meet with school staff prior to counseling services to help determine the nature of the counseling services.

Next Steps

Contact me to schedule a meeting to discuss your school/district’s needs.  I will create a proposal outlining the details of a possible arrangement. 

Benefits of Partnering with Me:

  • Experienced School Psychologist with California PPS credential
  • Can be an extension of your team
  • Can take on overflow and lighten the load for busy school stafff
  • Easy to get started and work with
  • Simple, straight-forward, streamlined process
  • Work directly with me (rather than with an agency)
  • Cuts out the middleman
  • Cuts costs
  • Saves time
  • Keeps schools in compliance

Contact me:

Lori Granieri, M.A., PPS, ADHD-CE

(805) 225-3417