Welcome to Enrichment Source, resources for life improvement, including ready-to-use digital downloads/printables for schools/educators, mental health professionals, clinicians, parents, and individuals looking to make a life change, as well as customized materials, programs, and curriculum, and educational consulting services.

Enrichment Source was created by Lori Granieri, a school psychologist, long-time writer, and learning product designer. 

Here you’ll find a variety of life-improving options, such as:

  • Printables/Digial Downloads – convenient, ready-to-use materials to use with your students, clients, patients, children, or, yourself – worksheets, workbooks, lessons/lesson plans, counseling group plans, flash cards, planners, self-help journals, and more.
  • Customized Materials and Resource options for schools, clinicians, companies and more.
  • An ADHD Resource Center, with lots of valuable resources for kids, teens, and adults with ADHD, including workbooks, planners, helpful guides, transformational programs and courses and coaching options (these last two are coming soon).
  • Preset, semi-customized, and fully customized learning programs for schools.
  • Consulting and content services for schools, educational companies and institutions, and mental health and wellness clinics and companies.

Please feel free to browse the printables/products shop.

About Lori Granieri

Lori Granieri is a school psychologist, writer, content creator, consultant, and learning designer.  She has a Master of Arts degree in School Psychology, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, and also studied Journalism for many years.  Lori is the author of the children’s educational, social skills board game Manners Mall.  She owns Enrichment Source, a company that makes mental health, social skills, life skills, and wellness materials for kids, teens, and adults.  Lori has an extensive writing background that includes journalism, copywriting, book authorship, business writing, education writing, and creative writing.

Contact Lori Granieri at enrichmentsource@gmail.com or lorigventura@gmail.com or (805) 746-5933.