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Welcome to Enrichment Source, resources for life improvement, from ready-to-use digital downloads/printables for use by parents, teachers, mental health workers, individuals, etc., to customized materials to consulting services for film, produts, and educational institutions.

Owned and operated by Lori Granieri, a School Psychologist, Writer, Product Creator, Designer and Developer, and Entrepreneur, Enrichment Source is your go-to source for all things enrichment!

Enrichment Source creates informational, educational, inspirational, and self-help materials, programs, and resources that enrich and enhance the lives of children, teens, and adults in many ways. 

We provide a convenient way for parents to help their kids at home, for teachers to present mental health, social skills, and enrichment lessons and activities in the classroom, and for therapists, counselors, and psychologists to use in counseling sessions and groups, and for publishers, corporations, organizations, and practitioners to produce helpful materials for customers, clients, patients, and more.

Instant Products/Downloads/Printables

We offer numerous digital downloads and printable items, which can be printed out and used right away.  Once a product is purchased, you can download the PDF and print it out (as many copies as you wish) and use it as many times as you would like.

Among printable products are:

  • Informational Materials
  • Lesson Plans
  • Workbooks
  • Worksheets
  • Bundles
  • Social Skills Activities
  • Manuals
  • Programs
  • Games
  • Parent Resources
  • E-books
  • And more

Printable topics include:

  • Learning Disabilities
  • Education
  • Mental Health
  • Wellness
  • Child Development
  • Parenting
  • Self-Help
  • Self-Improvement
  • Positivity
  • Social Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Counseling
  • Planning
  • Organization
  • Psychology
  • Careers
  • Business

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Consulting Services

I offer consulting services to businesses, organizations, media companies, film and TV producers, directors, and production companies and more, on topics related to psychology, education, mental health, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Autism, wellness, special education, school psychology, and more.  My services help them research, plan, design and develop programs and projects.  See more here.

 Customized Materials

I work with schools, educaitonal institutions, clinicians, mental health providers, and other business and organizations to create customized materials on their behalf.  This can include materials that they can hand out to their community (students, parents, clients, customers, patients, members, etc.) or use in their practice, 

These materials can be digital downloads/printables, and can be similar to Enrichment Source's printables, but customized to your needs.  Materials might icnlude worksheets, workbooks, informational sheets, brochures, manuals and materials, and so on.  See more here.

Contact Lori to discuss options: lorigranieri@sbcglobal.net

Content Creation

I will also work with you to create informative content for your materials and programs, including brochures, manuals, how-to's, newsletters, informational materials, lesson plans, counseling group curriculum, program planning, materials for workshops and trainings, etc.  Contact me to discuss your content needs: lorigranieri@sbcglobal.net


About Me, Lori Granieri, Enrichment Source

I'm Lori Granier, a School Psychologist, Writer, Entrepreneur, Inventor, Product Designer and Developer, and owner of Enrichment Source.  I have a really diverse background that combines education, psychology, writing, design, and many other things.  I have worked as a journalist, PR person, copywriter, many other types of writer, and, a school psychologist.  I have also written (some published) books, and created many educational products and board games, including this one: https://www.creativetherapystore.com/products/manners-mall-board-game

See my author page at Amazon.


I have a Master of Arts degree in School Psychology, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, and also studied Journalism many years.  I have spent decades researching, studying, and learning about many topics related to Psychology, especially ADHD and Learning Disabilities.  

I live in Ventura, California with my husband, daughter, and dog.  I love traveling, animals (especially dogs), Disneyland, the beach, movies, and being creative.