ADHD Coaching

I will work with you (or your child) on a one-on-one virtual basis.  I work with children and teenagers (and their parents), college students, and adults. 

I provide coaching related to various aspects of ADHD, including Executive Functioning, life skills, career exploration, goal-setting and accountability, planning, prioritizing, getting and staying organized, time management, finding and using talents and strengths, learning more about how your ADHD affects you and how you can work with and around it, and more.

One-on-one online sessions are conducted through a secure, private, HIPAA-compliant platform.  Sessions are 30 to 45 minutes long.  Sessions take place once a week.  Between sessions, I keeps in touch with clients via email and text.  This allows for clarification, reminders, accountability, and the opportunity for clients to ask questions along the way.  

I also work behind-the-scenes on your program, give assignments and provide clients with numerous valuable materials/resources, including downloadable/printable workbooks, worksheets, planners, and more.

My fee for a 30-45-minute session is $85.  If needed, back-to-back 30-45-minute sessions are also available.  A minimum of 4 weekly sessions is recommended. 

Here’s how it works.

Getting Started:

Contact me by completing the interest form preferably (you may also call or email me instead, if you wish).  I will get back to you within 48 hours (most likely much sooner than that) to schedule a free 10-15-minute discovery call. 

During this brief phone call, we will get to know each other, I will get to know more about your needs, and we will decide whether we will work together. 

If we agree to work together, I will send you some paperwork, a payment link, and a first exercise/assignment to get started.  We will also schedule our first online meeting, which will be via a safe, confidential, HIPAA-compliant online platform. 

Please note that payment is due prior to each session.

Sessions are 30 to 45 minutes long, and usually occur once per week.  In between sessions, we will communicate via email and/or text, as needed.  You will also be assigned homework to complete on your own.

My fee is $85 per 30-45-minute session.  Emails and texts between sessions are included in this price.  So are the prep work I do, and many valuable downloads/materials (such as workbooks, worksheets, assignment sheets, tips and suggestions sheets, and more).  Communication between sessions and all materials are included in the session price.

During Sessions

My coaching sessions are focused on where you are now and where you want to go.  We will work together to figure out how to get there. 

The focus of my ADHD coaching includes:

  • Psycho-education (learning more about how your ADHD characteristics affect you and how you can work with and around them)
  • Setting and working toward goals
  • Productivity, planning, organizing, and prioritizing
  • Time management
  • Motivation
  • Accountability
  • Finding and using your talents and strengths
  • Niche-picking and goodness of fit
  • Creating an environment that utilizes your strengths (rather than exploits your weaknesses)
  • And more

ADHD Coaching Includes:

One 30-45-minute session per week (virtual, one-on-one, face-to-face)

In between sessions:

  • I will be in touch with you via email and/or text (with prompts, check-ins, reminders, etc.)
  • I will work behind the scenes for you (preparing questionnaires, prompts, program details, materials, etc.)
  • I will send you materials and resources, as needed
  • You will have access to me via email and/or text (to ask questions, to check in, etc.)
  • You will complete tasks, homework, assignments, etc.


ADHD Coaching Options

One ADHD Coaching Session

Single, one-time, pay-as-you-go ADHD Coaching Session

  • 30-45-minute session, one-on-one, online
  • Includes materials
  • May include follow-up, check-in emails/texts if additional sessions are to follow
  • Purchase prior to each session
  • $85

4 ADHD Coaching Sessions

  • 4 30-45-minute sessions, one-on-one, online
  • Includes materials
  • Includes follow-up, check-in emails/texts
  • $330 (if paid up front) click here

8 ADHD Coaching Sessions

  • 8 30-45-minute sessions, one-on-one, online
  • Includes materials
  • Includes follow-up, check-in emails/texts
  • $650 (if paid up front) click here

12 ADHD Coaching Sessions

  • 12 30-45-minute sessions, one-on-one, online
  • Includes materials
  • Includes follow-up, check-in emails/texts
  • $975 (if paid up front) click here

Once you purchase a session or package, I will follow-up with you for scheduling.

Contact me at:

(805) 225-3417



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 You may also choose one of my pre-packaged coaching options.

Please note that I do NOT do any diagnostic assessment, diagnoses, or therapy.  If you need someone who provides those services, I encourage you to find a qualified provider.  I can refer you to those if you need me to.  Also note that ADHD coaching is a great intervention in conjunction with other services, as well as on its own depending on your needs.