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Resources that engage, enrich, inspire, and educate: ready-to-use digital downloads and printables; customized educational materials; content writing services; ADHD resources; coaching packages; more.

Specialties include child development, ADHD, parenting,
psychology, education, mental health, wellness, self-help,
self-improvement, and more. Shop printables! Visit ADHD Center!
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ADHD coaches, therapists, and other professionals who work with clients, customers, or patients with ADHD -- kids, teens, or adults -- this resource will be of great value to you. 326 pages of amazing materials you can use in your practice or business, plus a a limited use license (to use each item up to 200 times). Ready to download, print out and use right away! Get it now and save yourself so much time!

ADHD Resource Center

Enrichment Source offers a variety of useful resources for kids, teen, and adults with ADHD. Products include ADHD kids planners, ADHD adult life planner, ADHD informational materials, ADHD games, and more!

Creative Enriching Materials

From ready-to-use printables for parents to use at home with their kids, for teachers to use in the classroom, and mental health professionals to use with clients, to self-help materials for adults, teens, and children to use to better some aspect of their lives to customized materials for schools, clinicians, organizations, publishers, and more! Shop printables!

Content Writing

Get custom and packaged content writing services for your company, organization, school, clinic, or practice, with an emphasis on information, education, and and inspiration. Tell your story, engage, inform, educate, inspire, motivate and entertain your audience (clients, community, patients, prospects, etc.). Specialty areas include wellness, mental health, education, ADHD, special education, learning, parenting, and self-improvement.

About Enrichment Source

Hi! I'm Lori Granieri, School Psychologist, Writer, Author, Entreprenuer, Business Owner, Mom, Educational Board Game Designer, Inventor. I created Enrichment Source to provide helpful, fun, informative and inspiring resrouces to kids, parents, educators, mental health professionals, publishers, corporations and organizations. Resources include digital downloadable printables, as well as customized materials, and content creation services.

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Resources for Life Improvement


Planners, workbooks, journals, informational materials, tips, checklists, how-to's, e-books, manuals, worksheets, games, lesson plans, flashcards, & more


ADD/ADHD, Learning Disabilities, organization, planning, social skills, life skills, self-care, self-help, self-improvement, mental health, wellness, positivity, parenting, child development, education, business, and more.


I also create customized materials for schools, mental health professionals and practices, publishers, businesses and organizations.

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Positive Messages for Kids

Our printable positive message mini cards offer words of encouragement and inspiration!