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As a School Psychologist with more than 13 years' experience, I work with California schools and districts to provide counseling and IEP services to students.

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Welcome to the ADHD Center at Enrichment Source.  You will find numerous resources for kids, teens, and adults with ADHD, as well as for professionals who work with individuals with ADHD.

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Lori Granieri, M.A., PPS, ADHD-CE

I’m Lori Granieri, ADHD and educational psychology specialist, learning product designer, writer, and School Psychologist. I have a master’s degree and PPS credential in School Psychology, a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and also studied Journalism. I am a certified ADHD Educator. I have created numerous educational, mental health, and wellness products and resources, most of which are related to ADHD, and many others related to mental health, wellness, and self-development. Feel free to browse the shop. Contact me at

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