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What I Do

I create expertly written content and create learning programs and products for the education, mental health, and wellness industries.  This includes content writing, copywriting, grant writing, and learning design.  I will work with you to create a plan and proposal for your projects and then complete those projects for you.  I also offer some pre-packaged options, as well as ready-made and semi-customized materials and resources.

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Lori Granieri freelance writer in Ventura, California, content writer, copywriter, grant writer

Who I Am

My name is Lori Granieri, owner and freelance writer, learning designer and product creator, at Enrichment Source, based in Ventura, California.  I’ve been a writer for more than two decades, starting as a journalist, and then in many other writing roles, including public relations writer, marketing copywriter, book author, and educational writer.  I also have a background in
education, psychology, and mental health, and worked as a School Psychologist. 

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Who I Work With

I work with schools and educational institutions and companies, mental health and wellness companies and organizations, and consumer product companies that have a need for informational, educational, inspirational, or transformational content, materials, and resources.  Additional industries I work with include EdTech and teletherapy companies and brands and organizations that want to make a difference.

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