I offer consulting services to schools and education related organizations and companies, and to businesses that are in the mental health, wellness, or education space.  Consultation services can include helping you to create programs, products, and resources for students, parents, families, patients, clients, customers, etc. 

School Consulting

I work with schools to create/design educational, mental health, and wellness programs to use with students, create parent-facing materials, and Special Education resources.  I can also work with your school as a remote School Psychologist, providing counseling services, and as an ADHD, Executive Function, Career, and Learning Coach.

Business Consulting

If your company target children or parents, or is related to education, mental health, or wellness, I will work with you to develop products, programs, materials, resources, and content. 

This includes working with creators, manufacturers and sellers of products that are related to children, education, or mental health.  Projects consist of learning programs and products, games, toys, websites, apps, other media, publications, and more.  I can help with research, product development, informational and educational content and copy, packaging copy, informational materials, instructional manuals, and more.

Contact me for more information or to discuss your consulting needs:

(805) 225-3417