I offer consulting services to businesses, organizations, media companies, film and TV producers, directors, and production companies and more, on topics related to psychology, education, mental health, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Autism, wellness, special education, school psychology, and more.

Media Consulting

For Movies, TV, Education Programs, Kids’ Programs, Commercials, Etc.

I offer media consulting, technical advising, content development, research, and planning for movies, TV, commercials, educational programs, children’s media, publications and more.

If you are a producer, director, or production company that is planning to produce a media project or segment related to, featuring, or including psychology, mental health, education, and so on, I can help you portray it in an honest, authentic, accurate, and entertaining way.

My specialty media topic areas and subject matter expertise areas are in the following: areas of child development, psychology, mental health, education, wellness, special education, ADHD, learning disabilities, Autism, child development, school psychology, relationships, parenting, and more.

I am a School Psychologist, Writer and Entrepreneur, with a richly diverse background in psychology, mental health, education, writing, journalism, media, business and product development and more.  I am a skilled writer with experience across a wide range of disciplines, including journalism, copywriting, book authorship, screenwriting, children’s book writing, academic writing, and more.

Services include:

Consulting on various areas of your projects, including subject matter research, planning, reviewing scripts, drafting segments, location scouting, program development, content development, project management, writing, and more, for producers, directors, and production companies.

Contact me, Lori Granieri, to discuss your project at (805) 746-5933 or

Children’s and Educational Product Development and Content Creation

I will work with creators, manufacturers and sellers of products that are related to children, education, or mental health.  This can include learning programs and products, games, toys, webbsites, apps, other media, publications, and more.

I can help with research, product development, informational and educational content and copy, packaging copy, informational materials, instructional manuals, and more.

In addition to being a school psychologist, professional writer, and business owner, I have extensive knowledge and experience in the educational product and children and baby consumer products space, publishing, educational games, and more.

Contact meto discuss your program needs:

(805) 746-5933


School District and Educational Organization Consulting and Program Design and Development

I work with schools, school districts, and other educational organizations and companies to help design and develop educational programs with an emphasis on mental health, social skills, life skills, and enrichment. 

Services include: research, planning and development, educational and informational content, related materials, and more.

I also provide customized content and written materials.  See custmoized resource options here.

Contact me to discuss your program needs:

(805) 746-5933