School Enrichment

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Enrichment Sources offers a variety of valuable resources for schools and educators to use with students of all ages. Are you looking for high-quality, well-researched, creatively and expertly made programs, curriculum, lessons, and materials in the areas of mental health, Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), social skills, life skills, and/or enrichment?

We have several options for you, including pre-made, ready-to-implement, semi-customized, and fully customized resources, as well as consulting services to help you determine your students' needs.

All resources are created by Lori Granieri, M.A., a School Psychologist, writer, content and curriculum developer, and educatonal product creator.

Ready-to-Use Resources

Here are some ready-to-use resources (for you to download, print out, and use instantly).  Click here!

Customized Options

I create customized programs/learning designs and materials and resources for you to implement at your school, learning center, and in your community.  These programs and resources are related to mental health, social emotional learning (SEL), wellness, social skills, life skills, student enrichment, and more.  

I can provide:

  • Customized learning programs, curriculum, lesson plans, and accompanying materials
  • Parent-facing informational materials, including newsletters, manuals, booklets, leaflets, brochures, and more
  • Learning materials, including workbooks, worksheets, and other materials based on specific lessons

Contact Lori Granieri to discuss your needs.

(805) 746-5933