ADHD Stay Focused, Encouragement Cards

Here are 60 digital downloadable, printable flash cards with reminders to stay focused and on-task.  These are perfect for kids, teens and adults with ADHD or who might struggle to stay on task. These helpful reminder cards are great little incentives to keep going!  They can be used with kids, teens, and even adults. 

They include positive messages, motivation, that little extra push we all need from time to time. 

There are 60 cards, each with its own message.  While these cards are geared toward people with ADHD, they can be used with anyone.

When you, or your child or student, are/is starting to feel restless, distracted, unmotivated, or losing interest, pick a card, or give them a Focus Card as a reminder or incentive to keep going, take a break, and so on!

Print these pages out, cut out the cards, and use them as needed.  You might want to place them in a bowl, jar, box, etc., near the person who is working.  Or, for teachers, you might want to hand them out to students in a classroom setting.

Enrichment Source features several ADHD resources, all of which are well researched and are created by a school psychologist and ADHD specialist, who also has ADHD.  Browse Enrichment Source’s listings to find more ADHD resources, including our ADHD Student Planner, ADHD Information Packet, Adult ADHD Life Planner, and more.

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