Manners Workbook Printable

This digita download, printable Manners Workbooks features lessons, information, worksheets and tips for kids to learn about and practice good manners.  

You will receive a 28-page PDF file to download and print out to help teach kids about manners, social skills, respect, courtesy, and more.

This packet includes information about manners to share with children and adolescents as part of a social skills lesson, in a counseling group, in the classroom, at home, etc., and worksheets so they can practice using manners.

Information includes:

  • What manners are
  • What “good” manners are
  • Why we use good manners
  • The reasons behind good manners
  • Why good manners are important
  • Certain times to not use good manners
  • Suggestions and examples of good manners
  • Worksheets for practicing good manners

The following worksheets are included:

Mannerly Words & Phrases – For each “good manners” word, phrase, and sentence, write down how and/or when you would use it, or give an example for each.

Choose the Manners – Multiple choice questions to determine the best answer 

Good Manners or Not?  – Scenarios to determine if good or bad manners are being shown and why

Fix the Unmannerly – For the bad manners being described, what could be done instead (using good manners)?

When Good Manners Are Not Needed – Some questions about times when we do not need to use good manners