Friendship Skills, Social Skills Group Activities, Lessons Pack and Workbook

This printable Friendship Skills, Social Skills Pack is a 25-page downloadable lesson planner, workbook, and resource rich with activities, worksheets, lessons, lesson plans, games, suggestions and more! It's perfect for a school Friendship Group or Club, classroom lessons on friendship skills, social skills and getting along, social skills groups, counseling groups, and more!

This is a digital download that includes a 25-page printable PDF with creative, original resources, all created by a School Psychologist, Writer, Designer. 

It's great for elementary and middle school students.

Just download it, print it out, and use it with students. 

This packet includes the following:

  • Icebreaker (Find Someone Who)
  • Friendship worksheets
  • Friendship flash cards
  • Friendship dice activities
  • Group activities and lesson plans
  • Games
  • Suggestions, tips and information
  • Listening skills lessons
  • Conversation Starters
  • And more!

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