Mental Health Workbook for Kids and Teens

Download and print out this 25-page PDF Mental Health Workbook for Kids and Teens.

Mental health is a crucial component of children’s overall health, and is very important for academic and life success. Having good mental health helps kids to develop resilience, problem-solving skills, coping skills, and more, to deal with challenges and to become well-rounded adults.

This workbook/packet includes worksheets on topics related to mental health.  Choose whichever worksheets you feel would be beneficial to your child/children, students, or clients.

Pages include:




Worry Journal/Managing Worries

Anxiety Management

Coping Strategies

Anger Management

Gratitude Journal

Making Positive Changes

Daily Check-In

Daily Motivation

Feelings Tracker

Problem Solving (Brainstorm, Action Plan, Tracker)

Goal Setting (Brainstorm, Action Plan, Tracker)

Journal Page