Organize It! The Organization Game, Digital Download, Printable

Fun, whimsical, digital download, printable, organization game! 

A great activity for a social skills, counseling, ADHD group.

The game includes 10 containers to organize: backpack, bathtub, beach bag, closet, fish tank, salad bowl, tool kit, toy box, trash can, and recycling bin. Five items go with each container (there are a total of 50 items to sort). Mix all the items up and spread them out on a table or flat surface. Then, the child or group must clean up the “messy room” and put things away where they belong.

Materials (to print and cut out):
10 containers: closet; backpack; bathtub; tool box; toy box; fish tank; salad bowl; beach bag; trash can; and recycling bin
50 sorting items (5 for each container) (to be matched with the correct containers):
Closet items: t-shirt; jacket; pants; shoes; hangers
Backpack items: books; notebook; homework; school supplies; lunch bag
Bathtub items: rubber duck; folded bath towels; shampoo; sponge; soap
Tool box items: hammer; screw driver; wrench; nails; measuring tape
Toy box items: Jack-in-the-Box; blocks; wooden car; ball; Teddy bear
Fish tank items: bag of fish; rocks; coral; sea plants; tank decorations
Salad bowl items: lettuce; cucumber slices; tomato slices; salad dressing; salad tongs
Beach bag items: sun hat; beach towels; sunscreen; beach toys; flip-flops
Trash can items: apple cores; crumpled paper; egg shells; banana peel; wrappers
Recycling bin items: newspaper; soup cans; water bottles; soda bottle; box

This fun learning activity can be used with kids of all ages individually or in a group setting, in therapy, counseling, in the classroom, or at home.

It was created by Enrichment Source owner Lori Granieri, a School Psychologist, Writer, and Designer.

This 18-page digital download/printable game includes background, description, features of the game, instructions, and items to cut out.

Benefits of Organize It!:
• Organization Skills
• Planning Skills
• Focus, concentration, decision-making, problem-solving, visual processing
• Executive Function Skills
• An ADD/ADHD resource
• Social Skills

Once you purchase this product, you will receive a PDF file, which you will be able to download and print out as many times as you would like.

Instructions are included in the download. Print and cut out pieces as needed.