Coping Skills & Resilience Workbook for Kids & Teens

This digital download/printable Coping Skills & Resilience Workbook is a great counseling resource for helping kids and teens learn coping skills and develop resilience. 

This packet includes helpful ideas, suggestions, tools and techniques to help kids and teens learn how to cope with difficult situations.  It helps them to learn how to better handle and manage stress, worry, anxiety, and other intense emotions.  Coping skills lead to resilience and improved wellbeing.

To “cope” means to deal with responsibilities, problems, or challenges.  We all have problems and challenges.  Dealing with them in healthy, productive ways is important for our mental health.  Coping Strategies (also called coping skills or coping mechanisms) are tools and techniques to help us deal with problems, difficult emotions, stress, and anxiety.  It is important for everyone to develop healthy coping strategies. 

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from challenges, problems, and difficulties.

Download this 17-page pdf, print it out, and it's ready to use.