Adult ADHD Success Guide and Workbook

adult adhd success guide and workbook

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This is the ultimate guide to creating a successful life with ADHD. This interactive informational guide and workbook is filled with helpful information, advice, tips, suggestions, exercises and worksheets to help adults with ADHD to reach their potential and live life to its fullest.

Knowing what your challenges are, as well as, and more importantly, what your talents, strengths and interests are, will help you create a life that is more fulfilling, tailored to you, meaningful, and successful. This packet is intended to help you do that. It’s full of useful, helpful information, worksheets, prompts and exercises, guided planning, tips, tools, and suggestions, and more.

The main goal of this workbook to help you create a strengths-based life that’s the perfect fit for you!

This workbook includes a brief overview of ADHD in general, and ADHD in adults specifically, some of the challenges adults with ADHD might face, and a look at some of the research that has been done on successful adults with ADHD (and other learning differences). It explores the success traits and characteristics they share, and gives suggestions how to develop, embrace, and incorporate these, and other traits, characteristics and practices into your life.

This packet is intended to be a useful tool for adults have and/or suspect they ADHD, or who have characteristics of ADHD, or who have other learning differences. It encourages and helps you to embrace your unique talents, strengths, skills and interests, discover what they are, and figure out how you can use them to be successful.

This workbook was created by Lori Granieri, School Psychologist, Writer, Educational and Informational Product Creator, Owner of Enrichment Source Creative Resources for Life Improvement, and adult with ADHD.

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