ADHD Entrepreneur Workbook

ADHD Entrepreneurship Guide and Workbook.  A great resources for individuals with ADHD who are business owners or who want to start a business.

This guide is for entrepreneurs who have ADHD, and for people with ADHD who are embarking on (or thinking about embarking on) entrepreneurship/starting a business.  This packet includes resources for planning and running your business, and questions and prompts to help you to determine if entrepreneurship is right for you, figure out what kind of business to start, tips for starting and running your business, and helpful planning forms, checklists, worksheets, and more.

Research has shown that many successful people with ADHD own their own businesses, and that people with ADHD often make good entrepreneurs.  In fact, it has been found that many people with ADHD have scored higher than others on measures of traits, such as innovation, risk-taking, proactivity and perseverance, all of which are traits associated with entrepreneurship.  One source said that neurodiversity (as in ADHD) is a competitive advantage in business.

Many successful adults with ADHD have used their creativity to build careers and lives in which they can flourish. They have discovered and developed their talents and strengths, and used their strengths to create their own niche.  They have also figured out how to effectively compensate and accommodate for their weaknesses. 

This packet takes a look at some of the benefits and challenges of being an entrepreneur with ADHD and gives tips and suggestions for working with and overcoming challenges, working with strengths, and for starting and running a business with ADHD.

This is a digital download, printable item.  No physical items will be sent.

Download this packet, look through it, and print out the pages you wish to use, as many times as you want.  Pages look best when printed on a color printer (but they don’t have to be).  Either print them out yourself, or have them printed at a copy center.