Parent Child ADHD Guide: Helping Your Child with ADHD

This digital download, printable guide and workbook is a helpful tool for parents of children with ADHD. It features information about ADHD and its symptoms and characteristics, symptoms checklists, lots of ADHD parenting tips, questionnaires, prompts, and worksheets, reminder and encouragement cards, visual reminders, learning style assessment, and more.

Some features of this 25-page, digital download, printable PDF include:

  • Overview of ADHD
  • ADHD symptoms checklists and worksheets
  • Positive Approach to Helping Your Child with ADHD
  • Parent tip sheets
  • Questionnaires and worksheet for parents and children to complete
  • Expectations form
  • Homework forms and visuals
  • School Success and Learning Style assessments
  • On-task reminder and encouragement cards
  • Pages to help your child with learning, classwork, and homework assignments

This packet was created by Lori Granieri, School Psychologist, Writer, adult with ADHD, and owner of Enrichment Source: Resources for Life Improvement.  Browse Enrichment Source’s listings to find more ADHD resources, including the ADHD Student Planner, ADHD Information Packet, Adult ADHD Life Planner, and other enriching educational, mental health, social skills and self-improvement resources.

Download this packet, look through it, and print out the pages you wish to use, as many times as you want.  Pages look best when printed on a color printer (but they don’t have to be).  Either print them out yourself, or have them printed at a copy center. 

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