ADHD Visual Reminder Cards for Display and Therapy

Printable ADHD Visual Display Reminder cards with facts, information, tips, ideas, advice, inspiration, and motivation. Download, print, and cut out 28 useful, helpful ADHD cards to use in therapy and counseling sessions, in classrooms, or individually as you choose. Display them on the wall or on a bulletin board, or frame them and put them on your desk or on a shelf or counter, or include them on or in your planner or notebook.

Topics include the following:

  • Focus Tips
  • Tips for Tasks
  • Ideas for Quick Breaks
  • Ideas for Rewards
  • Executive Function Information
  • Organization Tips
  • Perseverance Tips
  • Increasing Emotional Stability
  • Productivity Tips
  • Symptoms Into Strengths
  • Good Things about ADHD
  • Signs of ADHD in Adults
  • Did you know? ADHD Success
  • ADHD Entrepreneurship
  • Reflection
  • Outsource Weaknesses
  • Procrastination Tip
  • Potential
  • Motivation
  • Strengths in Action
  • Hyperfocus Tips
  • Task Batching
  • How to Batch Tasks
  • ADHD Definitions
  • Finding & Creating Your Niche
  • Three Components of Strengths
  • Self Kindness

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