Calming Corner Visuals, Classroom, School Psychologist, School Counselor, Signs and Poster

Soothing, calming, reminder signs and posters for classrooms, school psychologist and school counselor offices, and other spaces for positive inspiration. These digital downloadable, printable PDFs can be framed or laminated and displayed on walls or board, or used as covers on binders, planners, or notebooks.

Print out (via color printer) or have printed at a printing center.  You may also use the jpgs in the accompanying zip file and scale them to the size you want.  There are 9 signs/posters total, for choosing and/or mixing and matching. 

They are: Calm Corner, Cozy Cove, Safe Space, Happy Place, Believe in Yourself, Coping Strategies, Self Reminders, Take a Break, and Affirmations.  Laminate or frame them and display them as you wish!