Depression Worksheets

This packet is a useful resource for helping to process, learn about, understand, and manage Depression.  It makes a great therapy tool for mental health professionals to use with clients, for school based clinicians to use with students, and for individuals to use on their own.  It includes worksheets with questions about Depression, Depression management tips, and a page for creating a Depression management plan.

The worksheets include questions related to Depression, and can used in therapy (for assessing clients’ experiences with depression, as part of intake or as homework) or by individuals to use on their own.  These questions are helpful in processing and understanding symptoms and their affects and impact on life. 

Just download, print out, and use as you wish.

This packet includes:

  • Questions About Depression
  • Tips for Managing Depression
  • Create a Depression Management Plan

Download this packet, print out the pages you need, and use as you wish.  You are permitted to use these pages in your practice as many times as you’d like.  This packet is not for resale.