Fun Kids Printable Picnic Themed Learning Game

This digital download. printable Picnic Game allows kids (ages 5 and up) to have fun together as they fill their picnic plates with main dishes, side dishes, fruit, a drink, and dessert.  The Picnic Game is a great learning activity for at home or in the classroom.  

It allows kids to practice sorting, grouping, decision making, critical thinking, creativity, cooperation, and social skills.

Players get to choose their foods and set up their picnic plates.  Lay out the picnic blanket, stack the foods in categories – main dishes, side dishes, fruit, drinks, and desserts.  Roll the dice to choose your picnic meal and put it on your plate. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Once you set up the game, each player takes turns rolling the dice (or drawing a card).
  • Take a food/drink item from the category you land on and add it to your plate.
  • Land on “bugs,” you lose a turn.
  • The first player with a full plate (at least one food item from each category) wins.
  • Keep playing until someone has all the categories their plate covered.

Included in this packet:

  • Game instructions
  • Picnic Plate (print one for each player)
  • Food cards for all categories (print and cut out)
  • Dice/die (cut out, fold, and tape or glue together)
  • Picnic Blanket (print out and use to display the food cards)