Kids' and Teens' ADHD Guide & Management Tool

This is a digital downloadable, printable packet for children and adolescents to learn about and manage their ADHD.  This valuable resource makes a great therapy tool for therapists, practitioners, counselors, school psychologists, and others who work with young people with ADHD.  It's also great for parents to use with their kids.

Once you purchase this item, you will receive a 19-page PDF file to download and print out. It is packed with value.  It features pages for kids and teens to read and complete on their own, or with guidance.  Pages can be used in therapy and as therapy assignments.  This packet teaches kids and teens about ADHD, what it is, what the symptoms are, and lets them explore how ADHD affects them.  It also lets them know that there are ways to manage, work around, work with, and succeed with ADHD.

Here's some more information:

This packet was created to teach children and teens about ADHD and how to manage, live with, work with and around, and succeed with it.  This resource is filled with valuable information, tips and ideas, activities, worksheets, tools, techniques, and strategies for kids and teens to use.

It explains what ADHD is in a way they can understand.  It includes questions for them to answer, allowing them to think about and analyze their own experience with ADHD.  It gives them practical solutions they can implement and continue to build upon, which will help them learn, grow, and live their best lives with ADHD.

This packet can help kids and teens to take a proactive approach, taking control of their ADHD, put it in perspective and figure out their best ways for managing, working with and around it, compensating and accommodating for it, and continuing to learn and grow.

Managing ADHD begins with knowledge and understanding, as well as self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-compassion.  From here, kids and teens can start to take control of their ADHD.

Helping kids and teens learn about ADHD and how it affects them, and how to manage it, is empowering for them and sets the stage for success.  This is a great resource for anyone who works with kids and teens with ADHD (therapists, counselors, school psychologists, teachers, parents, etc.).  It can be used in therapy, counseling, the classroom, or at home.

This packet includes the following pages:

  •  What Do You Know About ADHD?
  • Your ADHD Symptoms
  • What Is ADHD?
  • The Brain and ADHD
  • ADHD Symptoms List
  • Fun Facts About ADHD
  • Symptoms Checklist: Inattention
  • Symptoms Checklist: Hyperactivity/Impulsivity
  • Managing Your Symptoms
  • ADHD & Areas of Your Life
  • Reflection Page
  • Successful ADHD Management
  • Self-Awareness & Self-Acceptance
  • Self-Awareness Worksheet
  • Self-Acceptance Worksheet
  • Managing ADHD Symptoms
  • Action Plan
  • Tracker

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