Kids Quarantine, Pandemic, Social Distancing Journal

This printable, digital download PDF includes 15 pages of prompts for kids and teens, related to: Thoughts & Feelings About Life During the Pandemic, Quarantine, & Social Distancing

Journaling is a beneficial activity for everyone!  It allows you to process your thoughts, work through worries and problems, be creative, and keep track of memories.  The process of writing your thoughts and feelings is very helpful, and so is going back later on and reading what you wrote. 

What is a journal?  A journal is a written record of your thoughts, feelings, experiences, observations, dreams, goals, and more.

Journaling is great for stress management, learning from experiences, clarifying and making sense of thoughts and feelings, becoming more self-aware, becoming a better observer, solving problems, releasing emotions, improving coping skills, learning from experiences, sharpening senses, strengthening cognitive skills, keeping memories, improving writing skills, and more. 

This journal includes prompts (questions and statements to give you ideas and inspiration for what to write about) related to the quarantine, pandemic, social distancing, and other related topics.  There are also blank journal pages for you to write about whatever you want (print out as many copies of these pages as you’d like). 

How to use this packet: print out journal prompt pages, hole-punch them and keep them in a binder.  Print out as many copies of any pages as you’d like.  Use additional paper if you’d like.