Springtime Wellness Classroom, School Psychologist, School Counselor Positive Signs Posters

Printable, colorful Springtime Wellness Signs/Posters for classrooms, offices of school psychologists, school counselors, administrators, libraries, in homes, and so on.  Also includes are smaller positive Spring Reminder Cards. 

These bright, colorful, cheery printable Springtime signs make a great addition to your classroom, practice, office, or home.  They can be displayed on the wall, bulletin board, tabletop, desk, shelf, or anywhere you wish to display them. 

The five cards feature Spring designs with inspirational words and phrases, and are great for classrooms, therapist, counselor, school psychologist, administrator, etc. offices, as well as in your home.  They’re fun, positive, and inspirational.

Print out (via color printer) or have printed at a printing or copying center.  You may also use the jpgs in the accompanying zip file and scale them to the size you want.  There are 5 signs/posters total, for choosing and/or mixing and matching.   Laminate or frame them and display them as you wish.  They may also be added to a planner, as binder or notebook covers, and more.

This resource was created by Lori Granieri, School Psychologist, Writer, Learning Designer, and owner of Enrichment Source: Resources for Life Improvement.  Enrichment Source is located in Ventura, California, and offers educational, social emotional, mental health, and wellness products, programs, content creation, curriculum and more.  Visit www.EnrichmentSource.com 

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