Resources and Materials for ADHD Professionals, ADHD Coaches

April 26, 2022

Resources and Materials for ADHD Professionals, ADHD Coaches

ADHD Coaches: Resources to Use with Your Clients

As an ADHD Coach, you provide your clients with valuable services and support that greatly enhance their lives.  As a supplement, complement, and/or extension of your services, I offer high-quality, research-based materials and resources that you can instantly use.

These materials are ready-to-use with clients, and include workbooks, worksheets, educational and informational materials, tips, suggestions, checklists, planning pages, and more.  The entire package is a digital download/printable.

These resources help you in your mission to:

  • Educate your clients about ADHD
  • Help them to clarify, set, and work toward goals
  • Discover and hone talents and strengths so they can create the lives that fit them best
  • Help them manage their lives
  • Help them get and stay organized
  • Help them discover their ideal career niche and to find and work toward their ideal career
  • Support them
  • Collaborate with them
  • Build skills and healthy habits
  • Provide then with tools and techniques
  • And so much more

I have created a package that’s really easy get started with and you can immediately start using with your clients.  It includes resources for adults, teens, and kids.

ADHD Coaches / ADHD Professionals Materials and Limited Commercial Use License Bundle

See it Here:

With this bundle, you get:

200 Commercial Uses for Each Item/Page Included

The package includes the following resources (click on the links to see each packet):

Adult ADHD Life Planner and Organizer:

Adult ADHD Success Bundle:

Adulting with ADHD:

Parent Child ADHD Guide:

ADHD Information Pack and Planner and Organizer Bundle:

Organize It! Organization Game:

This incredible package is for professionals who work with clients with ADHD, including ADHD coaches, therapists, clinicians, and more! It includes: a bundle of digital downloadable, printable, workbooks, worksheets, tip sheets, planners, fact sheets, checklists, and more, that you can use instantly in your practice or business. 

Just download the package, save it, and print out what you need when you need it.

Resources are research-based, and created by a school psychologist, writer, ADHD specialist.  Again, these materials supplement your services with exercises, activities, assignments, thought-provoking questions, lots of research-based information, helpful suggestions and recommendations, problem-solving prompts, and more.

Enrichment Source’s resources are all created by Lori Granieri, M.A., a School Psychologist, Writer, Entrepreneur, Learning Designer, and adult with ADHD.  For more information, visit

If you’re interested in an extended unlimited commercial license, customized options, or content creation services, please contact Lori at

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