Resources and Materials for Mental Health Professionals

April 26, 2022

Resources and Materials for Mental Health Professionals

Resources to Use with Your Clients and Patients

If you are a mental health professional, practitioner, or provider, you’re likely to need supportive materials and resources to use with your clients and patients. 

Enrichment Source offers useful, high-quality materials and resources that are ready to use in an instant.  Just purchase, download, and print.  Also, purchase one of our commercial use licenses and you will be able to use these resources the number of times allotted (depending on whether you purchase a limited or extended license).

These materials and resources can be a part of, extension of, or adjunct to your treatment and services, and include worksheets, workbooks, suggestion, tip, and fact sheets, checklists, planning pages, informational materials, and more.

It really saves a lot of time and effort to be able to implement materials that are already created for the purpose of improved mental health.  Our materials are researched and well-written, well-designed, accurate, and easy to use. 

Having materials and resources for your clients or patients to use is advantageous in many ways.  It provides them with additional information in tangible form, reiterates concepts you discuss with them, gives them an opportunity to explore their thoughts and feelings, to work out various challenges on paper, serves as questionnaires and intake, can be used as homework assignments, supplements your services, drives your message home, and more.

Using Enrichment Source’s pre-made resources saves you time and money.  You may also opt for semi-customized or fully customized solutions. 

Find many ready-to-use resources for mental health professionals.

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Enrichment Source’s resources are all created by Lori Granieri, M.A., a School Psychologist, Writer, Entrepreneur, and Learning Designer.  For more information, visit  For customized content creation, contact Lori Granieri at

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