Adulting with ADHD Coaching Package

As an adult, there are so many things to do. This ADHD coaching package will help you get organized, plan ahead, and do the many things "grown-ups" need to do. This program is based on my Adulting with ADHD Workbook, and is great for anyone having difficulty doing all the things adults have to do. 

I will guide you through this workbook, and together we can come up with ways to make Adulting easier.  I will help you develop strategies and systems based on your own rhythms, beats, style, and strengths.  

In this coaching program, activities include:

  • Learning about your ADHD symptoms and how they impact you
  • Managing your ADHD and getting things done
  • Getting organized
  • Tips and strategies for Executive Function skills, such as planning, prioritizing, time-management, and more

This program is 8 weeks long and consists of:

  • 8 weekly 30-45-minute one-to-one online sessions
  • Support via email and/or text between sessions
  • Materials and resources
  • Assignments

You can pay for this package in one or two installments.  If you select the two-payment option, you will be charged for the first 4 weeks up front, and then again before the next 4 weeks.

Once you purchase this package, I will contact you to schedule our first meeting.

You may also contact me for more information at or (805) 225-3417


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